March 2023 Dental Team

Dental Mission Team the sweet essence of the body of christ in the community by susanna biederman

My daughters were 8 and 10 years old when our family first joined Proyecto Fe on a mission trip to San Pedro. We spent the week cleaning the dental clinic, building privacy screens, installing cabinets, and many other projects to support the school and future clinic services.  That was September 2014. 

Fast forward to March 2023. This was my fifth trip to San Pedro but my first without my daughters. The team this year came with the purpose of tackling a variety of work projects for the school in addition to offering dental services to the community. I served in a familiar role of clinic coordinator for the 211 patients we saw in the dental clinic. 

One of the highlights of this year’s trip was connecting with my sponsor children. We began sponsoring a little boy nine years ago. When his little sister began coming to school, we sponsored her as well. Now they are 9 and 14 years old. As I visited in their home, I loved hearing how they’ve grown in the Lord through the spiritual investment of the staff at Colegio Bethel. 

I could see and sense the increased spiritual warfare on the streets of San Pedro during this year’s visit. The enemy is waging war for the souls of the young people of San Pedro. It is vital that relationships continue to be built with these students by Colegio Bethel staff and Proyecto Fe mission teams. Sponsorship brings hope as well as relationship. 

Work projects and dental services will bless the school and community, but prayer and relationship with our Guatemala family are the sweet essence of the body of Christ in the community.

Susanna Biederman