The joy of sponsoring a child!

lady smiles with child

From the moment we began to make plans to return to San Pedro I could feel the excitement beginning to build. How would things have changed since the last visit? How would our friends have managed the COVID-19 Pandemic? Most of all I wondered about my sponsored daughters – how they were doing and what was going on in their lives. I had corresponded with them, but three years away has been much too long and I could not wait to see them face to face!

As the boat approached San Pedro, we all strained to see a mass of children filling the dock to capacity. Finally, we were close enough to recognize individual faces, Ester, Pam, Ben, Carla, and Bernardo and their towering boys and others. Oh, how I had missed them. But I still searched…. and at last, I saw Francis and Amanda, my sponsored daughters. My face hurt from smiling and I could not wait to get off the boat!

I have sponsored Kids through other organizations, but Proyecto Fe works so hard to develop a personal connection. Transcribed e-mails are a great way to stay in touch, but my favorite is a personal visit with my sponsored kids. During this trip, I was able to visit the homes and families of my sponsored daughters. Carla was my translator for both visits. Through my time with them, I learned about their hobbies, school interests, family structure, and daily chores. I loved every minute I was there with them!

On the way back into town by tuk-tuk, Carla shared something with me that really touched my heart. She said some of the kids had asked her if, during the pandemic, their sponsors had forgotten them or if they were ever coming back. This really impressed upon me how much the kids love their sponsors and look forward to their letters and visits. I came back with a renewed commitment to share the love of Jesus with them and to regularly communicate how I enjoyed every moment with them and how very much I look forward to the next visit.

Dr. Jim Singleton