Monday was another awesome day in San Pedro! After breakfast we divided into different teams.  Josh, Spencer, Luke, Hailey, Krista and Haley S went up to Ruth’s house to start working on the construction of the house.  Lots of digging and pounding on large rocks as they’re working on digging a hole about 12 feet deep.  Others were sifting rocks and sand to use those materials for concrete.  This team worked up there for both the morning and afternoon shifts.  Kelsey, Brenna, Anika and Kaitlin worked in the kitchen helping prepare snacks for the kids, washing and drying LOTS of dishes for both the morning and afternoon and also helped Anika at the medical clinic continue hanging plastic over all the cabinets, doors and windows.  Hannah is spending the week helping with the medical clinic entering information from the each of the student’s records into the computer so they’re all up to date. Mary W, Ceci and Lynne are continuing working on the curtains for the classrooms.

Luke gave a devotional at lunch time from Psalms about trusting the Lord so you aren’t afraid to do the things you’re asked to do of Him.  He spoke about two of the guys on the team encouraging him to stay strong in his walk with God and how it truly is the best way to live our life.

In the early afternoon we had the opportunity to have devotions with the older kids at the school and afterwards each of us were to find five of them and make attempts to ask questions and get to know one another.  The older kids in the school have had some English taught to them and so they had to try to answer us in English and we were to make attempts to answer them in Spanish.  Not an easy task for those of us who don’t know much Spanish at all  but it was a really fun experiment!

In the late afternoon Emilo and Ester spoke to our group about some of the history of San Pedro and the school and it was a very informative time and opportunity to ask lots of questions.  These are two very special people who love their culture, love the children here and have a huge heart for wanting these children to love the Lord and do well in their life. The school now has a program for the kids who had graduated from 9th grade so they can continue their education!  So they now offer 10th, 11th and 12th grade with special emphasis on three subjects; medicine, graphic design, architecture.  I believe there are 70+ kids in the program!  This is such an awesome opportunity because generally after 9th grade the kids have to leave home for a larger city in order to continue their education.

Before dinner Kelsey shared her life verse from Gal. 5:13 “You, my brothers and sisters, were called to be free. But do not use your freedom to indulge the flesh[a]; rather, serve one another humbly in love.” And focused on each of us serving in whatever capacity we can whenever we can.

We had dinner around 7pm and then headed back to the hotel to visit and get good rest for the next day.  Everyone is feeling good and we’re so thankful no one is sick.  Please keep praying for good health and interaction between the team members.

Adios ~

Mary DeSpain


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