Hola Everyone,

Sunday morning after breakfast we went on a special home visit to Ruth’s house.  Ruth works in the kitchen here at the school and lives a little ways up the hill with her elderly father.  They share a one room home that is about 16×16 space.  During the week all of the different team members will be going up to her home to help continue building a new home for her and her father to live in.  This home will have two bedrooms, a living space and a bathroom.  The home is built mostly from cement blocks and very primitive compared to anything back in the USA.
It was once again humbling to see how so many people live with so little and yet have the joy and peace of Jesus and so much faith that God is taking care of them and will provide for them.

After that home visit we had a couple hours to walk around on the Sunday market.  The streets are filled with vendors selling their goods which is everything from dead chickens, to all kinds of fruits, veggies,  fish, shrimp, clothing, shoes, etc.  Most of the people buy their grocery needs for the week on Sunday morning so the towns people are everywhere and the streets are filled with color, lots of various sounds and smells.

We had a devotional time after lunch where Ceci shared with us encouraging us to be ready to step up to what is asked of you.  To be prayerful, walk in humility and wisdom.  She also encouraged us to listen to the people in your life who have voices of wisdom.  After our devotional time we were divided into four groups.  One of the Junior High kids accompanied each group and each group went to three different homes in the community to greet them, get to know them a little bit, ask them if they have anything that they would like us to pray for them about and then we prayed over their sweet family.  There was mix of families with both parents and some of single mothers.  Almost every parent asked for prayer that their children would walk with God and not get pulled into the bad things that this world has to offer.  Diabetes is very prevalent here because of the high corn intake in their diet so there were prayers requests for different people’s parents who here sick.

After our home visits we all piled into Pam’s truck.  We managed to get 13 people and two guitars in the back of the truck and drove to church!  Our group sang a song at the church and were blessed to be a part of this enthusiastic congregation who are so loving and generous with their smiles and hugs.

After dinner we headed back to our hotel.  All but one was able to hang in there for our devotional time where we shared about our home visits and Anika shared a devotional out of Isaiah 40 about how God takes time to care for the stars of the sky so He will certainly take care of us and is always there for us.

Most everyone went to bed after that so we’d be ready to be at the school by 7:25AM!

Everyone is feeling good.  I’m especially loving being with all the young people.  Parents who are reading this, you have good kids. 🙂

Continue to keep us in your prayers for health and willing hearts to serve.

Mary DeSpain

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