This morning, Wednesday, the three sewing ladies continued on their projects, the boys went to Ruth’s house to continue working and the rest of us went up to the church and made a craft with 35-40 ladies from the church.  The ladies of the church brought empty milk jugs and we brought all the rest of the materials to make containers for putting kitchen gadgets in.  It was allot of fun to see how creative they are and how they can put different colors together to make something so beautiful.

After that project was done us girls had a little over and hour to just walk around the town.  It was a beautiful day and was fun to explore some areas we usually are just driving by or haven’t even been to before.  The weather was perfect for getting just a little sun-kissed.

After lunch Lynn gave a devotional from Habakkuk about calling on God and how sometimes it takes forever for Him to answer us.  And then there are times when the answer we are given is not really the answer we want and how Habakkuk experienced that as well.  Eventually he finally fully submitted and surrounded to whatever God wanted.  We were encouraged to releases our ways and submit to what God truly wants for us.

In the afternoon we continued on work projects around the school until around 4pm.  Three gals went to someone’s house to make tortillas and the rest of us went up to the church to help prepare a soup and tortillas for the Soup Kitchen Ministry.  Every other Wednesday, women in the church prepare a soup, tortilla’s and coffee for some of the poor families in the community.  They are picked up by a truck and dropped off at the church.  It was a very sweet time ministering to them in such a simple way.

After all the dishes were washed up we all walked back to the hotel and had devotions.  Brenna shared a devotion from Phil 2:13 and spoke about how our actions should be led by God and how we should want and desire to do His will.  Part of His will for us is to love people and being here in San Pedro is showing love to them. We don’t have to try and accomplish His desires ourselves, He is able to empower us to do them.

Everyone is staying healthy (Praise God!!) and event tho several are getting very tried from the long days and going non-stop, attitudes are great and things are getting done!!!

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Mary DeSpain

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