Thursday morning the sewing ladies finished their projects and throughout the day got the curtains hung in the classrooms!!!  YES!!!

Kelsey and Hanna stayed at the school and baked muffins for the children to have as a snack Friday morning.  The oven they used was quite a challenge with the temperature changing and getting hotter and hotter but as I’m sitting here typing this blog they all just went through the food line, got their muffin and fruit and gobbled it down.

The rest of us went up to Ruth’s house and we cleaned up trash, picked up small rocks out of the rooms they’re working on, took nails out, chipped away at concrete, smashed rocks and then moved a HUGE pile of rocks that varied from softball size to the size of crates.  We made two assembly lines and I must say I was impressed with the physical strength of both the guys and the girls!

After lunch Spencer gave a great devotional from Proverbs about listening to God and how He asks us over and over to listen.  This happens by listening with our minds as well as how important it is to have an understanding with your heart what the word that you are reading is saying and then the importance of acting on what you are told to do.

In the afternoon we scattered in different directions, Ruth’s house, home visits with sponsor families, kitchen help, working in the classrooms helping give finals, teaching math, spelling, English and helping the ladies in the kitchen.

We had devotions and worship before dinner today.  Kelsey and Josh have done a great job leading us in worship each day. Kaitlin shared from I Sam. 16:7 and talked about how it doesn’t matter what you look like, God will love you just as you are.  Also how He doesn’t want us to be vain about ourselves and how God is really looking at the heart.  It spurred a great conversation about including others in your life.

Friday morning, we had breakfast and then the children gave us a wonderful program of dance, song and appreciation of our visit here and gratitude for the things we did here at the school.  As ALWAYS it was so sweet and made me cry because of the sweet genuine hearts of love they have.  After the program was over we got the 4th level ready for the kids to have snack and then served them the muffins that Kelsey and Hanna made and fresh fruit.  After snack is over everyone is scattering and playing with the kids in the playground until lunch time.

The time is drawing near for us to have to start saying our good-byes.  It is such a bitter-sweet time, lots of tears and words of love and affirmation shared.  Please pray for our hearts and emotions.

Everyone continues to stay healthy.  We only had one person out for a couple hours yesterday but has sprung back into action.  God is good.

My final blog will probably be sent from the hostal in Guatemala City sometime Saturday evening. Tonight we will have our celebration dinner with the staff and teachers and leave on the boat between 9 and 10AM.  We’ll have a few hours of tourist shopping to do in Pana, get on a bus and head to Guatemala City to debrief.  We leave on the plane very early Sunday morning and return home around 12:30am Monday.  We’d also love your prayers for safe travels and continued good health.

Mary DeSpain

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