March team – FCC youth – Update #1

We made it safely by plane, bus and boat all the way to San Pedro and got started working right away after our arrival Saturday. We were taken out to the “highway” that comes into San Pedro and spent the afternoon in a community service project of cleaning away overgrown plants and bags upon bags of trash.
Sunday we got some time to walk around town and souvenir shop, and those of us who played and sang at the church Sunday evening got a chance to  go up to the church and practice. We did it band-, instead of choir-, style, which I think the team was much more in favor of, but it also meant that not everyone got up on stage to be presented, which I think was lacking for the rest of the church. Oh well, we’ll try again next time!
Monday morning we had worship with the kids, which is always a great experience and then after breakfast we got started on our “big projects”: painting, sanding, electrical, etc. In the afternoon everyone broke up into smaller groups do their “special projects” which included some sewing, sanding, woodwork, cooking, and painting.
Starting today, we will be teaching/facilitating workshops for the kids in several areas in the afternoon. I’ll let you know how that goes later!

One of the things that this team makes a practice of is sharing their highs and lows from each day during our evening devotions, so I though I might share some of the ones from the past few days with you so you can hear how the team is liking/challenged by things so far.
Lows: “not being able to communicate as well as I’d like to with the people here”, “finding a spider in the water pump”, “sanding railings”, “complaining about my sunburn”, “having such a great day come to an end”.
I’ll have to tell you, some team members have been hard-pressed to come up with lows each night, which says a lot about how much they are enjoying this trip.

Highs: “hearing about the work in the mountain churches”, “the church service tonight”, “meeting our sponsor children”, “playing soccer with the kids”,  “finding out I know more Spanish than I thought”, “being reunited with so many friends from San Pedro”.

Well, there’s a little snapshot of how it’s been going! Talk to you again soon!


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