March team – FCC youth – Update #2

Another great day in San Pedro!
Yesterday was full of highs for many of our team members as we continued working at the school on our big and individual projects.
One of the biggest highlights for everyone, by far, was the time we spent with the high schoolers yesterday evening. At seven o’clock, we met on the basketball court with 18 high school students who go to school at Colegio Bethel and live in San Pedro. We started out playing name games, trying to get a grasp on who everyone was, and then moved on to some Alaska vs. San Pedro charades and relay games. I’m sorry to say that San Pedro beat us, 2 to 1 🙁
After that we all sat around and ate dinner as we Alaskans struggled to use our little bit of Spanish and they used their little bit of English, but we made it work!! After some more games, we taught them something truly American: how to make s’mores over a fire. This was something awesome to watch, as one of our students from FCC jumped in and made a “buddy system” plan and each Alaskan grabbed a hold of a San Pedran and taught away! There were lots of “how do you say ‘golden brown’ in Spanish”, or “how do you say ‘closer'(to the fire)” questions, but in the end, everyone had a friend and a s’more, and fun was had all around.

After the activity, many of our students were asking me if we would get to spend more time with them later in the week, and I was very happy to tell them that that’s our plan! Seeing them build relationships here is one of the most amazing blessings for me, and I hope and pray that those are relationships that they will continue building on as they come back to San Pedro in future years.

Here are some highs and lows from last night’s group time:

Lows: “my body feels like I’m 100”, “my feet hurt”, “not having a ‘real’ campfire” (it was made on a BBQ instead), “not seeing my sponsor child today”, “having Keegan/Kaitlin spit water all over me”(it was a voluntary game, I promise!).

Highs: “making progress on my special project”, “watching the sunrise”, “spending time with the high schoolers”, “bonding with my roommate(from our group), “spitting water at Keegan”, “teaching _____ how to make s’mores”.

Excited to see what today holds and praying that our bodies have the strength to receive it!

We Love and miss you!!

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