Update #3


Yesterday was a long and rewarding day for our team. We spent the morning and afternoon on our projects, which have included some game time with the elementary kids “teaching” them how to play checkers. I think we may have done more losing than teaching, though. J

Several from the group were able to go and visit their family’s sponsor children in their homes and this was a great time to get to know each other and share our lives with one another. The family that is part of our team visited one of their sponsor children’s families and the mom(Laura) commented on their visit saying that she was so glad her kids were able to meet them, spend time in their home, and see that they really aren’t that different from us. Our circumstances are different, but really, we’re very much the same.

Starting in early afternoon, our team headed up in groups to the church to prepare for the soup kitchen that was taking place that evening. Some went up early to help prepare the food and found themselves cutting vegetables until their fingers turned green. A couple got to go to the mill where they grind the corn to make the tortillas they eat at every meal here. Other groups showed up and got to ride in the truck as Pam drove around town picking up people and bringing them to the church for dinner, an experience that they LOVED. It was a long evening at the church, and backs were aching and feet were tired, but everyone seemed to really enjoy the experience.

Here are some of the highs and lows of the team from yesterday:

Lows: “Everything hurts”, “Sanding a 5-inch railing for an hour”, “Cutting Guiskil (a common vegetable here) until my hands turned green”, “Using a blurry projector for my special project.”

Highs: “Riding in the truck to pick people up. It was the most fun thing I’ve ever done.”, “Helping with the soup kitchen”, “Visiting our sponsor child’s family and seeing that we’re not that different”, “Going to the mill”, “Playing with Edith(one of the CB students) at church”, “Driving home with Pam and listening to her stories.”

Please be praying for good sleep and that our sore bodies would heal. No major sickness so far, and we are so thankful for that! Tomorrow is our last full day in San Pedro, so you can also pray that it bring sweet closure to a wonderful week.

Missing you all!


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