What a blessing it was for the little ones of Colegio Bethel to have the opportunity to spend a day to know more about the Lord. The vision of Colegio Bethel is not only for the kids to grow intellectually but spiritually as well to reinforce the focus of the school for this year: “I am an agent of the generation of Change”.  It is a great opportunity to memorize Bible verses and for the students to work hard on their teams by naming them and making a team cheer and choreography.  In this way they are preparing their hearts and working hard towards their retreat.

The day started off with a teaching from the Bible. This day gave the kids the opportunity to grow with Christ while having fun. There were presentations from all the kids, snacks and the day ended with time spent in the pool.
Please continue to pray for these kids. That they not only  continue to grow intellectually but spiritually as well.

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