Mission Teams Challenge

Greetings everyone,
I pray that all of the friends and families of Proyecto Fe are fairing well as Covid and the grip it has on every aspect of our life begins to wane.

I thought it would be appropriate to update everyone on mission trips.

The background on this is the last mission trip that went down in Feb. of 2020 lead by Max and Mary Bolin . That was the last trip Proyecto Fe has had to San Pedro La Laguna. A year and half without a mission trip has been the longest dry spell since the founding of Proyecto Fe! It has been a long hard time for many people here and in San Pedro. We have missed the send offs and the stories of God working on the returns. The kids, teachers, and our missionaries have all missed the blessings God brings with the hearts of our mission team members.

Pastor Bob Baker of Anchorage Baptist Temple and I were blessed to be able to travel to San Pedro la Laguna a couple of months ago, the trip was incredible and went smoothly. I know it was a blessing to both of us and I believe it was a blessing to the people we shared time with. I didn’t realize how much is missed fellowshipping with our brothers and sisters in Christ in San Pedro!!

So here goes. I have had several sponsors and past trip team members ask what’s up with mission trips. We are open to entertaining mission trips but understand that COVID-19 has changed everything. At this time, we have a tentative trip planned with Anchorage Baptist Temple for Nov 12 – Nov 21, this is tentative, and the dates may change a little. I encourage anyone wanting to travel and do mission work to contact us. If you have a small group or a church thinking of serving through a mission trip, please contact us early. Keep in mind we cannot control what the US or Guatemala does or requires regarding COVID-19. We have to be flexible and know what the worst-case scenario could be. Plan for the worst and expect the best. Pray! Pray! Pray!

Proyecto Fe is looking forward to serving the Lord through mission trips again!

Big thanks to the brothers and sisters at Anchorage Baptist Temple for having Proyecto Fe set up a sponsorship booth in their lobby and for sponsoring 22 children in Colegio Bethel!! We really appreciate your support.

In the next newsletter I am going to be putting together a list of needs and costs. Monetarily, Proyecto Fe has been hit hard by Covid.

Thank you all for allowing us to serve our Lord Jesus Christ! In the words of our good friend Paul Biederman “it’s all about sharing the gospel”!