We see your hand

Life in San Pedro is slowly coming back to “normal” although there still are COVID cases in town. Sadly, the hospitals in the city are still at full capacity.

Our clinic is getting busier and new opportunities of service are being considered for a near future.

Confidence is slowly coming back, people are getting vaccinated, new/old seasonal viruses have arrived, and the rainy season is here. We get flooded easily, the power goes off with every rain. Life looks as busy as it was before; we keep running everyday with a busy schedule that we impose on ourselves. Did anything at all change? Are we forgetting already what we have been through?

Our hearts and minds are not the same. There is a deep need to do things we have always wanted to do; tomorrow does not look as certain as before. Many people we knew have passed away,and it does not matter how close they were to us; the common grief of so many people helps us be more sensitive to the hope we have in eternal life.

Locals, tourists and foreign residents are all in the mood to help each other. This was the case of an American woman who raised funds with friends to help a family in need. It is hard to choose who would be the most needy with so much poverty around, but God is in our hearts and guides us where to give. The blessings are coming through the sensitive hearts who have seen suffering during the pandemic and through those who God has spoken to. His word has fallen on fertile soil.