My First Trip to Guatemala

By: Pastor Bob Baker

My First Trip to Guatemala

            My wife and I were so excited as we prepared to leave with Mr. Keith Reed, President of “Proyecto Fe”, who had been going there for many years. My wife remained home this time as we went to prepare and make plans to take missionary teams from ABT who want to do so much for the Lord and His people there. We are privileged to help facilitate this. This is the heart of our senior pastor Ron Hoffman – and what a joy it is for us to be involved in this together!!

As Keith and I arrived – so many were there to greet us with incredible open hearts of love and appreciation for us being there. Whatever we had to share with them – they were so eager to receive it. Mrs. Heidi Martin and her classes did a wonderful job preparing “The Wordless Book” along side our partners with Child Evangelism Fellowship. All the people in every church we were in were so open to learn how to share their faith in Christ using this booklet.

Some of the things that melted my heart was Pastor Emileo’s heart and love for 82 churches and its people – his wife Esther, heading up an amazing Christian school with over 300 kids from preschool to 12th grade – the teachers touched my heart as I saw so much love for their work for Christ and what they were doing – going through mountains, stopping to meet, greet, and speak and pray with church after church. They wanted to show us what they were involved with. We went from house to house, visiting school children who have so little and yet wanted to give of what they had with us.

The jewel of putting all of this together for us is Pam Chevalier, so detailed with her PhD background in Biochemistry and knew God wanted her on the frontline of ministry with children in Guatemala. They even had a medical doctor from Colombia who heard God’s voice and surrendered to minister in this part of the world. Their medical facilities are first class – provided and equipped by Proyecto Fe Ministries of Alaska, started years ago by Joe LoMonaco.

The missionaries I had the privilege of working together for an amazing experience were: Pam Chevalier, Dr. Luz Elena, Carla & Bernardo Montenegro and their boys, and of course, Pastor Emilio and his staff. I want to go on and on but for now I’ll slow down and look so forward to returning with my wife and family and others that will be on the ministry team together. We anticipate so very much in our days ahead.

Rejoicing in Christ,

Pastor Bob Baker