The Visit

The visit of our dear President, Keith Reed and his Pastor Robert Baker from Anchorage Baptist Temple, was the highlight of this month events.  Getting ready for the visit was exciting for all of us here in San Pedro as well as being able to give them the fearful hug with all our love and welcoming.

San Pedro has been without confirmed COVID cases for the last 3 months and there is a breeze of freedom with false security.  Still, thanks to the Mercy of God, they were able to come and go back with negative tests results. 

I was so happy and proud of being the representative of the medical ministry here in San Pedro and being able to show them how the clinic works since it was opened to the public.  It is impossible to accomplish what we do here without the help of the many people involved in this endeavor.  The building itself is a sample of God’s provision made with the help of many missionary groups joining efforts with local people. The supplies we have from private donors and Alaska Medical Missions multiply like bread and fish. ?

Keith’s visit as a president was much expected and welcomed.  Lots of meetings, fellowship times, getting to know a little bit more of each other, pouring our hearts out and loving the ministry were the center of our encounter.  Pastor Bob is truly God’s servant, full of the Spirit and with a tender loving heart that made us vibrate with his teachings.  Encouraged and touched by the experience, we are looking forward to seeing them coming back soon.

Having them at the mountain village Pasajquim was a gift for all of us.  Their encouragement to us for doing what we love the most, gave us the assurance that we are here for the poorest of the poor, and that The Lord is with us guiding our path every step of the way.

Dr. Luz Elena