We give thanks to God because we have learned so well that when He asks something from us for His service He also provides for it.  Pastor Emilio Battz’ passion has been missions, to plant sunday school at every church, and to train pastors, all of this with the purpose that the churches grow not only in number but much more in the knowledge of God and His Holy Word.  God has provided for these ministries through Proyecto Fe, specifically with Cornerstone Church and Faith Christian Community.  Thank you, beloved brother, pastor Brad Sutter and your church for this great support.

But today I would like to share about a beautiful activity that took place on Friday 26th and Saturday 27th of May.  In this opportunity the pastors wives were invited so they could also be part of this activity.  While pastor Emilio was teaching about basic doctrine to the pastors, sister Luz Elena, Pamela and I were with their wives with different subjects and activities.

Doctor Luz Elena Falla talked to them about hygiene and health, her conference was very interesting.  After that, Pamela Chevalier directed them in the making of a handcraft (photo frame).  It was impacting to see the joy reflected in these women’s faces and their effort to do it well.  Even though some of them were carrying their babies in their back, working while standing up and moving from one side to the other while their babies cried, they still worked.  When they finished, they took their work done with a face of satisfaction.  Afterwards I taught them through a presentation entitled “How to build up my home”. It was very interesting to them and I was very happy to see how even boys and girls that were there with their moms were paying attention.  At the end, many of them thanked me for the teaching and told me that it had been a blessing and it had helped them so much.

There are always situations that strike me from these women, for example I could see a woman that during the whole time of my teaching was in the back of the room, carrying her baby on her back because he was restless or crying but this didn’t stop her from writing in a notebook everything she could at the same time.  This tells me a lot.  Most of them don’t know how to read or write but with the help of a translator they were so receptive to what I had to say.

God is good and He uses the vilest of things, the most ignorant in the world to bring shame to the wise of the world.  When there is interest in listening, and learning more of the word of God we are capable of making a sacrifice. Are we doing it? Or are we too comfortable?

It is my husband’s and my desire to have another activity with the pastors and their wives so we can talk to them about marriage, home, and finish up with a vow renewal because most of them didn’t had that experience of doing marriage vows because the traditions of their villages won’t give much importance to that moment before God to make a covenant.  Regularly, if they were not pastors and even less if they were not Christians when they united to their wives, they were more likely to just move in together and make their union legal afterwards.  We believe that it will be a great experience for both. Please pray for this dream so God provides the necessary funds for it.

Another thing that brought joy to my heart was how pastor Emilio arranged for them to have a buffet-style breakfast, where all of them ate what they wanted and the amount they could, this is something new to them because the regular and affordable for them is a cup of coffee (very weak) and a piece of bread or black beans and tortilla. But on this opportunity they were able to eat different types of food like: milk, Cornflakes, fruit, and  juice.  Pastor Emilio felt so happy and satisfied to see them enjoy this blessing.

-Ester Ramirez de Battz (Wife of Pastor Emilio)

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