I want to share about this activity which is new to Bethel school.  We did this activity with the purpose of fundraising because we have many needs. I am so pleased with the response from the students and parents as well many other people in the community who responded to the invitation to come and dine at this place.

In the beginning, there weren’t many people but all of the sudden the dining area of the school got filled with people, to the point that there weren’t enough staff to tend the tables and we provided a slow service due to the lack of some resources.

All of those involved with Colegio Bethel -teachers, directors, administrators, kitchen staff, janitorial staff and the team from Proyecto Fe- worked hard and we finish very late that night but with much satisfaction and thanks giving.

Please pray for us in these ways:  first, so we have results according to our expectations and second, for people to response to these activities and in that way we can achieve our objective.

Ester Ramirez de Battz

To see pictures, CLICK HERE!