As a school we recognize our weakness in these areas of reading and calligraphy because we don’t always have the results we desire.  This is because of the insufficient time in the school day or that some of the teacher are fruits of the lack of attention on those areas at the school they went to.  But this year we implemented these programs in a more specific way with two specific teachers with the help of the grade teachers.  Thanks be to God we see significant advances.  Now we count on the calligraphy exercise material, without cost to the parents, in the same way we have made use of the books in the library but we see that we are lacking of more age-appropriate books for each level. The disadvantage that I see in our school is that all the resources that the government gives to public schools, referring to text books and reading books, the private schools are not taken into consideration and we don’t have the funds to buy more books and we cannot ask parents because it is impossible for them to give more than what they are covering with difficulties.

Well, that is one other reason for our fundraising activities.  But above our limitations is the courage and the decision to do something about it and we give thanks to God for the results.

For these and much more we are grateful but we ask for your constant prayers so we can bless children and teens in the entire holistic formation (academic, spiritual, physical and emotional).  In the same way we will never stop thanking Proyecto Fe for its love and interest for every boy and girl and we greatly thank each sponsor because without their help many beautiful and blessed things for your sponsor children wouldn’t be possible.


Ester Ramirez de Battz