San Pedro Trip – The Joy of Feeling Back at Home!

I am excited to write this report,  Praise God, I was able to travel to San Pedro la Laguna in March.  Pastor Bob Baker and I were the first visitors from Proyecto Fe to visit in over a year!  Wow, I didn’t realize how much I missed San Pedro and the people.  I am happy to report that the hearts of the people of San Pedro are warm, welcoming, loving and Godly as they ever were.  It was Pastor Bob’s first trip and I am sure he would agree to the success of the  trip.  I cannot explain to you the feelings brought up as we started down the switchbacks into San Pedro.   It was very overwhelming and caused tears to stream down my face.  This was the theme of the trip for me, it was just overwhelming!

            I was able to catch up with our missionary team in San Pedro and spend time with them as a team and individually.  News Flash!! Zoom meetings are just not the same as face to face!

            Pamela and the school has had many challenges dealing with the Covid-19 changes in how school is allowed to be run.  They have created new methods of teaching to cope.  We were there to see the first chapel worship for the year, and I am here to tell you the kids and the school still worship like no others.  I can see God every time I see them sing.    They were in session while we were there, but Pam has indicated that the government is closing schools again.  Please pray for the school, the children and Pam.

            Luz Elena, of course, has been busy working with other medical professionals in the area to create protocol for San Pedro.  She has been busy, but has found the time to start a new ministry “ Amigos de Jesus”!  She and the people she serves are looking forward to when doctors can start coming to San Pedro again.  Please continue to pray for her safety as she works to help the people of Guatemala medically.

            Bernardo, Carla, Danny, Joaquin and Roberto Montenegro are all doing well.  What a family!!  School in Guatemala started in January.  Since then, Carla has been busy getting all the biographies for the new students done.  Bernardo has been busy with the GU-200 students and working on a new ministry for youths.  I hope to share more about this in the future.  Their boys are growing like crazy and learning to study under Covid.  We had the pleasure of sharing a fantastic dinner with their family,  thanks Carla!

            Highlights of the trip for me was, watching the children sing, observing the mountain ministry work,  teaching Sunday school teachers, watching Luz working in the mountain church and just spending time with our missionaries.  Oh ya, Carla’s birthday party!!

            Please help me pray for our ministry, for getting our school children sponsored (125 unsponsored) and for funding for the future.