Sponsor Team 2019

I was so blessed to be able to spend generous amounts of time with the girls that we sponsor and they each brought more joy into my life than I could have ever imagined.

Mary Jeanine,  9th grader, has been struggling with her walk with the Lord since before the time we began to sponsor her.  She has asked me to pray for her over the years and this time I witnessed a totally transformed young lady.  She shared her beautiful testimony with me and told me how God used a book I had given her in 2017 to bring her to a place of fully surrendering her life to Him… and what a supernatural change! We enjoyed an afternoon of painting together.

Eva Clarita, 8th grader, graduated from Colegio Bethel last week so I was privileged to attend her graduation and help her celebrate this milestone in her life. I was also able to do a craft project with my girls on Saturday and then on Sunday we all went to the mountains where my team, Proyecto Fe staff and our sponsor girls conducted a VBS at a little mountain community church for about 50 children.  They all had so much fun they did not want to leave when it was time to go.

Tulita, 4th grader, wanted to take me on some tours of things she thought I would like to learn about.  So her father took the afternoon off as a pickup driver (a real sacrifice) and transported us to another town where we had so much fun touring a honey bee farm, a textile coop and a chocolate factory. We learned about the many different bees that make honey in Guatemala – bees the size of a mosquito to bees twice as big as our honey bees and honey color ranging black to white and the golden in between. At the textile coop we observed the entire weaving process from cotton on the tree (three different natural colors: white, gray and brown) to spinning the thread to dying with natural materials to weaving on the looms the same as their Mayan ancestors.

Probably the trip highlight had to be with Rosalia, the very first student we sponsored.  Rosalia got pregnant while she was still in school and has continued to live with Felix, the father of her child, unmarried.  Over the years I’ve written, spoken face-to-face with her about her living situation and her walk with the Lord and prayed lots.  She would tell me what I wanted to hear and the situation remained unchanged.  However Rosalia and Felix decided that they wanted to get married while I was in town (it was kept a BIG surprise) – to my utter amazement we walked into a church Saturday night and witnessed the glorious celebration of their marriage – both the civil and religious ceremonies!  I could not have been a happier lady that night and I actually took part in both ceremonies (signed as witness and gave a short talk). The Lord reminded me that we do influence others even if we are not aware and to not lose heart praying for the needs of our loved ones.   He is the faithful One who brings the harvest from the seeds we sow.
The Lord graciously met all of the needs we prayed for the math teacher workshops I taught and beyond what we asked. We asked for a translator that really knew math terminology and God provided Pam, a seasoned missionary who has a math and science background. Additionally I was very conscious of God directing my every step throughout the 4-day class, meeting the teachers where they were, helping them grow their math and teaching skills and their maturity.

Another blessing was getting to know and serve with my two remarkable teammates that came from other states to conduct prayer retreats in several churches during the week. 
I was truly blessed on this trip spiritually and physically.
Lynne Anderson