Grace Guatemala Team 2019 Update 1

Greetings!, from Grace Guatemala team 2019!  We have finally made it to San Pedro!  God deserves the glory for keeping a group this size together on such an arduous journey. 
We met Pam at the airport in Guatemala City and loaded on a large tour bus.  We then stopped and got donuts and breakfast sandwiches from Dunkin Donuts and headed out of town.   The long and twisty road from San Pedro to Lake Atitlan was beautiful yet patchy in some areas.  We stopped for lunch at a place called ‘Chichoy’ and enjoyed pork sausage, black beans, fresh made tortillas, grilled scallions, chips and salsa.   It had a beautiful setting with a small river and bridge, outdoor party area, fire pit and kids play set.  
We tried our best to get sleep when we could, but were exhausted by the time we made it to San Pedro.  The kids played a game of ‘signs’ as we boated across the lake. All our totes arrived safely, and we were greeted joyfully by the people of Colegio Bethel, sponsor children, and friends!We were introduced to the staff of Proyecto Fe, Colegio Bethel and had hot dogs for dinner.  Then we walked to a nearby Hotel for the night.   Each room had a shower, with Mr. Lane getting a surprise when a large spider dropped down from the shower head when the water first turned on.  The hotel has hammocks on the balcony. Very fun for the kids.  
Praise the lord that the kids are in good spirits.  We will be in San Pedro an extra day, and then heading out for chuajij. 
The leaders continue to ask for your prayers during this trip. Pray that the lord would keep us safe, that our testimony would be preserved, and that God’s kingdom would be advanced through the actions, and in the hearts, of the team.  Thank you for your support and prayers!
-The Guatemala mission team leaders.