Uniform Distribution

I wish each one of you reading this article could experience the great joy that God allows me in the distribution of school uniforms for each of the children in Colegio Bethel.  It is a long process and starts way before the start of the new school year!  Just imagine:  how many uniforms should be purchased?, what sizes and how many of each size?, receiving them all on time and getting them all organized in the uniform room before January 15th ; every year!  Let me share with you:  all of the work that goes on ahead of time and all the long hours of the two weeks of distribution are nothing compared to the joy that fills my heart as a child grabs their foot that a sock has just been put on, looks at mom saying:  “Mama, my new socks are so soft!” 

I can, from personal experience, tell you that nearly every child (including those in Junior High!) that walks through the doors of Colegio Bethel’s uniform room can hardly contain themselves with the excitement of new clothes and some even wondering if this year mom is going to let them have a new pair of shoes.  Most are in tune to the number their mom has received indicating when their turn will be and wait as patiently as possible for that number to be called.  Upon hearing their number they race to the door; once inside you can sense the energy that they are trying to contain so as not to just jump up and down.  As each piece of uniform is tried on for the proper size, their eyes get bigger and bigger as does the smile on their face.  Completely dressed in their uniform, they explode, touching their uniform all over, even moms shedding a tear or two noticing their child growing up or using a uniform for the first time.  Everyone knows that the first Monday in February is when they all must come in with their uniform, but, many pester their moms to start wearing them the very next day!!

Proyecto Fe, I want to say thank you for believing in me and giving me the opportunity to express the importance of using uniforms in Colegio Bethel at last year’s Auction Dinner.   Also, to all the supporters of the Desert Dash:  Thank you for providing so much love and joy to the parents, children and ME, through the uniform program!

Sincerely, Pamela Chevalier