Wellspring Fellowship March Team

We were honored and blessed to be the first team to go to San Pedro in 3 years. Our team from Wellspring Fellowship consisted of 5 youth and 4 adults filled with gratitude and excitement to see the goodness of God acted out in our lives and those we came to serve.  

Our service projects included painting the metal doors at the entrance to the medical clinic, creating key holders and storage boxes for the school, and preparing and serving snacks for the students.  It was the first time the students’ received snacks from the school in 3 years. What a privilege for us to be part of that!

We also did home visits and prayed with students and their families. Several of us were able to visit our sponsor children and their families too.  What a joy it was to see them face to face and share a warm embrace. 

A couple of special highlights for us were to see our very talented youth from Alaska write, direct and perform a skit, together with the high school students from San Pedro, who spoke their lines in English.  We also had the honor of playing and singing a worship song for the congregation of Iglesia Bethel.

Finally, we had the pleasure of meeting and serving with the wonderful Proyecto Fe staff in San Pedro.  Special thanks to Luz Elena who gave some of our team members medical care when needed, Fabiola (last name?) and the Montenegro family; Bernardo, Carla, Daniel, Joaquin, and Roberto, for coordinating and helping with whatever our team needed related to our home visits.  And of course, a big thank you to Pam, for coordinating all of the many details to make our time in San Pedro so productive and enjoyable. 

We, at Wellspring, value our relationship with Proyecto Fe and the wonderful people of San Pedro, La Laguna.  If you have ever considered making such a trip, please DO IT! The blessings of serving are eternal and very rewarding, even on this side of eternity.

Shalom to all,

Gayle Hadley, Worship Pastor

Wellspring Team members: Taylor Clinton, Youth Pastor and team leader, Gayle Hadley, Paul and Monica Mosier, Evin Lucas, Brianna and Katelynn Keenan, Keziah Schutt, and Noah Shultz