We’ve been in San Pedro for two days, but it feels more like two weeks! We have already done and seen so many things and met so many wonderful people since arriving on Saturday. From the moment we stepped off the boat, we have been treated with a warmth and hospitality that can only come from a community that knows true joy and love. The city is fascinating, the surrounding area is gorgeous, and there are smiling faces everywhere. I am also happy to report that, so far, all of the Alaskans are surviving the Guatemalan sun!

One of my favorite things so far about San Pedro is the number of Bible verses and other words glorifying God that have been painted on walls and buildings all over the city. This is definitely a city where God is known and loved, and the people here aren’t afraid to let that be known. From talking with the staff at Colegio Bethel to the home visits we’ve done with students’ families to attending church last night, we have already heard so many stories from people who have so little compared to us but who still have such joy and gratitude in their lives because they have chosen to trust in God completely. I think everyone on the team has been humbled by how the light of God shines so bright in people who we might expect to despair. The Holy Spirit is working here, and we all look forward to seeing how else God will grow us this week.

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