The last three days have been as busy as the first two. We’ve had a couple snags with sickness and sleepless nights, but everyone on the team is having such an enjoyable and fulfilling time! On Tuesday, we had the very special opportunity to visit some of the churches in the mountains surrounding Lake Atitlan. Most of these churches are very poor, the pastors not receiving any pay and the congregations spilling out of too-small buildings. But they have also been blessed with dedicated members who are willing to give what time and money they have to building their ministries in these mountains. Despite their hard lives, we saw so much faith and generosity in these churches. Our team leaders were even gifted with a chicken from one of them!

The two days following the mountain church visits have been spent back in San Pedro, helping out wherever we are needed. Many people on the team have been working at the house of one of the kitchen ladies from Colegio Bethel. She lives with her father in a one room building, but God has blessed them with the means to build a larger home. It’s been a treat to be involved in the beginning stages of building their new house. It’s also humbling to get down in the dust and dirt of a job that would be accomplished in half the time with extensive equipment back home.

Our other jobs have included helping out at a soup kitchen, teaching classes, and helping out with odd jobs around the school. We continue to be inspired in the work we are doing here and encouraged by the joy and trust in God we see in everyone involved with Colegio Bethel. It’s a joy to know the children here are being raised in an environment that teaches them their true meaning and worth. The community here will continue to be in our prayers long after we have left.

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