There are a lot of bittersweet feelings today as we go through our last day in San Pedro. As we say our goodbyes and finish up work projects, there’s a combination of eagerness to get home and sadness at leaving this community we have so quickly grown to love. We were able to attend a cookout and dedication ceremony for the ninth graders last night. Some of them will return to Colegio Bethel for high school, but many will not, and this ceremony was a chance for them to really dedicate themselves to God as they enter their last year of middle school. Some of our team got to share our testimonies and we ended the night with an emotional and moving time of prayer over the kids.

This morning, we enjoyed a presentation from the elementary kids as they sang and performed for us. It was a great start to our last day! It’s always inspiring to see the joy the students have in being at Colegio Bethel, and it was very evident this morning. I pray that our team will be able to carry that joy with us back home as we share the stories of our time here. It’s been a whirlwind of a week, but God has caused all of us to both inspire and be inspired in our time here. Thank you to everyone who has supported and prayed for our team on this journey!

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