Hola Everyone,

Our team of 15 started on our journey at 4:00AM in Anchorage on Thursday and we arrived in San Pedro in the mid-afternoon on Friday.  It was many hours of traveling by airplane, bus and boat but the love and hugs and wonderful greeting we received at the boat dock was amazing.  After we unpacked we had dinner at the school and we were able to get to bed at an early hour which we were all ready for after all the traveling.

Saturday we met at the school where we are having most all of our meals and had a great breakfast.  We were then divided into different groups with members of our team and kids who attend the junior high program of the school to start on a variety of projects around the school.  Some groups were in the recently remodeled bathroom work on some finishing touches, some were painting offices and tables, some were in the medical clinic helping put plastic over everything because Monday someone is coming in to cut the concrete floors in preparation for new dental chairs that are coming in, some were in the storage room helping organize and sort through a variety of things, and one group went shopping for fabric for some sewing projects they are doing. Others helped organize recently purchased groceries into the pantry and helped wash and dry some dishes. Josh was on the roof of the medical clinic helping put up walls with tin siding and 2×4’s.  After Spencer’s project was done he played some soccer with several of the boys which they loved!  The kids from the school got to stay and eat lunch with us and we continued on all those projects throughout the day.  Hailey Clampitt shared a devotion about keeping our perspective on what God is doing and encouraged us to keep our heart and eyes open to what God might be wanting to show us.  After a great dinner filled with much laughter we came back to our hotel, shared in worship songs together with Kelsey and Josh leading us on guitars and then Hanna Krause shared a devotional about how God has given us the a spirit of power and love and not the spirit of fear and to just step out and trust that God will give us the strength and ability to do what He has for us while we are here.

Keep us in your prayers that we will all be open to what God has for us and that we will all stay healthy.



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