God gives the opportunity. We decide whether to take it or leave it.

A new personal, family and ministerial season started on November 1st, 2018. God has been good and since that day, this new season has been an adventure/challenge. Two weeks after moving to San Pedro, we had not even finished unpacking yet, I traveled with Pam and the Grace Team to Chuajij. I was able to work hand in hand with Pam and strengthen our work relationship as well as our friendship.

Then, in December we had the opportunity to work with Emily from the Anchorage office during her stay in Guatemala. It was a blessing not only to work with her but also to learn from her about Proyecto Fe and develop a friendship with both Emily and her husband Jon. Emily has not stopped helping me with all the office aspects of my job, for which I am truly grateful.

At the same time, in the month of December I started to work with the two people in charge of the Missions’ and Children’s departments at Bethel Church. Elena Rocché, who oversees the area we call “cold land”, which is the churches located in mountainous northern part near San Pedro, and David González, who is in charge of what we call “hot land”, referring to the churches in the southern part of the country, closer to the ocean.

(The terms “cold land” and “hot land” used in Guatemala refer to the weather in those areas.)

I also started to work with the GU-200 program trying to give it a pastoral perspective, not only for the sponsored students, but also for the parents. During these months, Proyecto Fe’s office in San Pedro has also turned into a pastoral/counseling office, to God be the Glory.

In February, I was able to start working with Dr. Luz Elena, after her return to San Pedro. We worked together with the March Dental Team and have also supported her with a two-day medical clinic in Paculam, in which many needy people were able to get medical treatment that, under other circumstances, they could not have had.

Praise God, I have been able to learn, little by little, the ropes of the different ministries Proyecto Fe runs here. And, what I find most valuable, is that I have been able to function pastorally in the two ministries under my responsibility.

I look forward trustfully to what the Lord has in store for us from now on.

God has been good.

-Bernardo Montenegro, Missionary, Proyecto Fe