Grace Guatemala Team Update 2

Greetings again from the Guatemala team!  We awoke this morning to find two kids had upset stomachs, but recovered by the end of the day. Our first trip of the morning was to a small cafe that was given the blessing from Pam to eat there.  They served us with pancake, bacon, scrambled eggs, fruit, orange juice and coffee.  It was a welcomed meal to our tired bodies from traveling for such a long time. Once done with breakfast, we were put to immediate use by Pam at the school.  Some of the kids assisted with decorations for Christmas including a manger, Christmas trees, and lights.  Another group focused on cleaning the cistern where the water is held, along with cleaning out two holding tanks for water.  We finished right at 4:00 pm, just in time to get ready for dinner at Colegio Bethel.  We are a more traditional meal of chicken with broth, rice, carrots, potatoes and cabbage.  We also had “tamalitos”, a small version of a tamale.  After dinner, we headed to a place in front of city hall, where a Christian concert was being held. For the people of San Pedro, this was a once in a lifetime event to see a concert like this. The singers were basically the Hispanic version of Hillsong.  The place was filled with people of all ages, and a good portion of our group enjoyed the music despite not fully understanding everything being sung.  The first song played was actually a Spanish translation of “Wreckless Love”, which immediately got the attention of most of our youth.  We left the venue around 8:45, and grabbed a quick snack before heading back to the hotel.  Everyone was in better spirits today after now having more sleep, and spending more time working with the Proyecto Fe staff and a few Bethel students and getting to know them better.   A quick devotional time before bed, a small panic with some kids licking themselves out of their room, and the Hotel was quiet by 11:00 pm. Pray that our youth move out of their comfort zones and continue to interact more with the people around them.
To God be the glory!-
The Guatemala team!