Grace Guatemala Team 2019 Update 4

Greetings from Guatemala!  It is Wednesday, and the temperature is a slight bit cooler today. However, by Alaska standards, it’s still Hot!

We continue to work on the construction site, and it’s amazing how much work can be done with a greater number of people.  Even the little kids from the city are helping with wheelbarrows and shovels.  It provides some insight as to how such ancient structures as the pyramids or ancient cities were constructed without a lot of the modern conveniences of construction we have in the United States or more modern cities. 

The kids continue to take turns making tortillas, chopping wood, washing clothes, and picking coffee.  And as beneficial as it is to understand the lives of the people we are serving, their greatest benefit has been the transparency and trust they have shown during our evening devotions surrounding prayer.  Challenging thoughts, struggles, painful pasts, joy in seeing God’s blessings, and students sharing  intimate and tender glimpses into their lives continues to draw them closer together as a group.  The trust with such information is incredible and powerful.  Culminating these moments is the reflection on prayer, and praying for one another.  There has been confession of sin, admission of the struggle to pray, and the encouragement to seek the Lord in prayer, since He has been so good to them. 

The ladies and youth of San Pedro wake up early to prepare breakfast for all of us, and we give thanks to the Lord for their steadfast service to us in this way.  Pam continues to keep everything organized, and her insight and translation skills have been invaluable. 

Minor scrapes and blisters are the greatest challenge physically.  The roosters in the nearby houses continue to crow almost all night.  And if the roosters aren’t crowing, the loose dogs fill in the gaps with their incessant barking and fighting.  Sleep is like an elusive piece of paper in the wind that all of us are trying to catch. 

We remain in great spirits with music, friends, faith, and a purpose with all we do. 

We covet your prayers, and rejoice in all the Lord is doing here in Chuajij. 

In the name of Christ,

-The Guatemala mission team