Grace Guatemala Team Update 3

Once again, Greetings from Guatemala!
We arrived in Chuajij (Chew-ah-hee), and we were greeted with a lot of people affiliated with the church. A line of people greeted each one of us with kisses and hugs.  They made it no small thing that the Proyecto Fe team was there.  Upon arriving at the the church, a quinceniera (Keen-say-nyer-ah) was taking place.  It is when a young girl turns fifteen. She moves from being Nina, to being a senorita, a young lady. It is the equivalent of a sweet sixteen in America, but is celebrated with way more pomp and festivities. We were eventually brought to the front of the church and introduced.  That was Sunday night. 
Today, Monday, we were put to work right away.  We began to learn songs for Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the community kids.  Afterwards, we engaged in community activities both for the church itself, as well as other people in the community.  We split up and worked on building an addition to the church, coffee picking, tortilla making, and more.  Other work has been put into the bathrooms here.  The water to the bathrooms is controlled by only one valve.  This means that if the bathrooms need repair, as they do today and tomorrow, the water will have to be completely turned off to the bathrooms. Pam continues to keep the whole team organized, and her help continues to cook for the team, delicious and well-prepared meals.  Tonight (Monday), we had fajitas. We give God the glory for keeping everyone safe.  Any minor illnesses have run their course. The team has been engaging in a daily devotion surrounding the topic of prayer, and have begun to open up in unexpected, but spiritually meaningful and powerful ways.VBS will continue the rest of this week, as well as construction on the new portion of the church.  Continue to pray for our safety, health, and spiritual well-being.  Pray that the team will make the light of Christ known and visible in all that we do and say. From. All of the team members here in Guatemala… thanks for your support and prayers. A Dios sea la Gloria!  To God be the glory!