Anchorage Christian Schools High School Band and Orchestra Team (ACS) Missions trip with Proyecto Fe to Colegio Bethel. March 26 thru April 4, 2017 


Sunday, March 26, 2017 

ACS team met at Ted Stevens International Airport in Anchorage, AK at 1:00pm.

Boarded flight to Seattle at 3pm.

10:50pm flight from Seattle to Atlanta.

Monday, March 27, 2017 

ACS team boarded flight at 10am from Atlanta to Guatemala City. We made it through customs without a hitch! Pam met us at Guatemala City Airport. We waited on a median just outside of the airport for our big bus.  The bus finally arrived and we loaded all our tubs, instruments, and luggage in the storage area on the bottom of the bus.

We all went to Hostel los Lagos 10 minutes from the airport. Subway sandwiches, soda, and chips awaited us there in the dining room for us to grab and eat on the yard.

We all boarded the bus after lunch and road through Guatemala City for two and a half hours to Chichoy in Aguas Escondidas for dinner. We had delicious traditional Guatemala food!


Everyone hopped back on the bus and we rode to Panajachel where we spent the night at a Grand Hotel. Jorge met us at the hotel and helped us settle in and get organized.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017 

The team woke up refreshed in Panajachel ready for the day. We met for a devotional in a meeting room at the hotel. Breakfast was served in the restaurant at the hotel.

After breakfast, we loaded instruments and luggage into trucks, then walked through the village to the docks. We rode the boat across Lake Atitlan.

Colegio Bethel school to greet the team at the docks on Lake Atitlan at San Pedro.  The Colegio students helped the team load the instruments into trucks to transport to Hotel Nahual.

At the San Pedro hotel; Colegio Bethel students formed half a circle and team formed half a circle around each other. Pam introduced each of the ACS team members to the students in their given Spanish names.

The team settled into the hotel, then walked to the school. Leaders at Colegio Bethel were introduced to team.  The team ate at El Delfin for chicken lunch.

Work projects for the afternoon consisted of: 1) hauling cinder blocks from the main road into the school yard and stacking for future building. 2) Hauling logs/sticks from fallen tree to another location for future construction of tables. 3) Cleaning yard of broken cinder blocks and leaves. 4) Drawing pictures for posters. 5) Tuning instruments. 6) Covering gap in school floor with new safe material.

School leaders joined team for dinner on the fourth floor of the school.  Benjamin presented this routine that the marching band will learn from him this week.

Philip Bowden led worship at devotionals that evening in back yard of hotel before bed.

Emily Sobek

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