Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A portion of the team woke up early and walked to a coffee shop for coffee. ACS team met at Colegio Bethel at 7:30am. We sat on the stage and Pastor Emilio led the CB students singing with the team. The team joined the singing and choreography of the songs. The team ate breakfast at the school.

Instruments were loaded into trucks and transported to the church. ACS band/orchestra students taught Colegio Bethel students to play the instruments and read music.

Another portion of the team loaded into the back of trucks and went downtown San Pedro to distribute invitations to the concert that evening.

We were served lunch at the el delphin of San Pedro.

In the afternoon, the team worked with students teaching English and Spanish to each other. The team of ACS students went to marching band practice. Benjamin taught the band steps for a marching routine. We reported to the el delphin (same owner as the other el delphin) that overlooks the lake. We ate like kings there!

We walked up the hill to the city center of San Pedro. We unloaded the instruments onto the stage. The band could not warm up until the mass next door was over. The concert went splendidly! The songs preformed were fabulous. Pastor Emilio gave a sermon to the people about the prodigal son. It started raining and the wind picked up during the concert. Sheet Music was slightly ruffled and the roof was blowing off the stage as the performers played !

After the beautiful concert the team loaded the instruments in trucks and walked down the hill to the hotel.


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