As you probably guessed, yesterday got away from us.  We were extremely busy prepping for the big Pizza night! This is a new fundraiser the school is just starting up, this was the second time the event has taken place.  The school cooks pizza from SCRATCH….. There was a great opportunity for the team to learn how to make pizza dough, one hundred pizzas! This took the majority of the day with two small Ninja Blenders (pretty sure we burned them both out).  Others FINISHED the grass project! YES!!! It looks amazing.

The pizza night was a complete success.  Many lessons were learned from the first event which allowed for us to further perfect the process. There was a great turn out. We were turning the pizza from order to delivery between 2- 10 minutes. The kids worked just as hard as the adults in the kitchen did.  It was so great to participate and watch the team work in action.  Apparently the favorite is Hawaiian. We had a rock start team member cranking those out!

Also, the dedication of the teachers and administration is quite astonishing.  Most days we have been here around 12hours, when we arrive the teachers are here, we leave and they are still here! Their commitment to the school and the children are a true inspiration.

God is not only bridging the barrier between Spanish and English but also the native language of Tz’utujil.  There are many people in San Pedro that speak one or the other (Spanish or Tz’utujil), and some speak both.

Today is our last day with the school before we start our journey back to Alaska.  This is bitter sweet for all of us. While we miss our friends and family back home, we have now completely bonded with the children and school staff. This morning a special performance was put on by the elementary children. We were all moved, many of us to tears.  There will be many of us that leave part of our heart here when we leave. There are talks of returning next year.

Tonight we will have a special dinner prepared by the school. Rumor has it, it will be quite amazing!! Today will be our last blog of the trip. We look forward to sharing our stories, sharing our pictures and strengthening our bond with all of our new friends we leave behind. We now can confidently say we have family in Guatemala.


With love

Amy and Kory

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