Thursday, March 30, 2017

Team ate breakfast at Colegio Bethel bacon, black beans and egg casserole.

After breakfast the team went to the playground on campus and Pastor Emilio spoke to the team about Mayan history and Christian history in San Pedro. There are three tribes around the Atalon Lake. Pastor Emilio started 67 churches in the surrounding Guatemala villages.

The team split up into separate work projects.

1)Philip, Lauren, gabby, and Anna painted a sign.

2)Ray, Emery, Kaycy, Julie, and Audrey helped in the kitchen.

3)Clarisa, Raynier, Ethan, Audrey, Lauren, and Ray sanded the ceiling in the new missionary house.

4)Josh, Ryan, Jorge, Sam, Keith, and Mel welded railings and football posts.

5)The band practiced with Colegio Bethel students. These are quick learners !

Team ate lunch at El Delfin.  The team worked with the JR High on English Spanish activities.  The ACS band students went to the municipal gym in San Pedro to practice marching together. They brought their instruments and enjoyed playing and marching together.

We rushed to the hotel and changed to performance attire then hopped on a chicken bus to climb the hill to Santa Clara. Riding a chicken bus through the hills is quite and adventure with many treacherous switchbacks!

Upon reaching the town square in Santa Clara, we set up the bands and orchestra. We met the leaders of the Ebenezer Church of Santa Clara. The leaders of this church already had set up speakers and chairs for the event. Much of the community came for the concert and preaching, and the place was packed!

After the concert, the band was excited as their performance exceeded their expectations.  We loaded the instruments on the bus, then walked down the street to eat dinner.

After a delicious chicken dinner, the team walked to the chicken bus then rode down the hill to San Pedro and to rest until morning.

Emily Sobek

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