Friday, March 31, 2017

The team met for breakfast at Colegio Bethel for breakfast on the fourth floor of the school.

After breakfast, we rushed to the hotel and grabbed our instruments and brought them down to the dock on Lake Atilian. We boarded the boat and took off for Santiago. During the boat ride across the lake, Hanna presented a devotional to the team about trusting God through your fear.


Once we landed in Santiago, we unloaded the boat and stacked the instruments into trucks to be transported to the Santiago Town Square. On foot, we followed the truck up the hill to the town square. Upon, reaching the square, the local church leaders came and decided where to set up the band and organized the speakers. The bands/orchestra set up the instruments and their equipment.


The bands preformed their songs, including a time of worship, and Pastor David preached a sermon in the local dialect, Tzutuijil.


Afterwards, we loaded the trucks with instruments then walked to a restaurant for lunch.


We hurried to the dock when lunch was finished and loaded up for the ride back to San Pedro.

Back in San Pedro, after storing performance instruments, the team split up for different activities. Some of the team taught the Colegio Bethel students music, others worked on sanding the ceiling in the new house, and various welding projects were accomplished.


We ate dinner with some leaders of Colegio Bethel on the fourth floor of the school, and Gaby presented information to the team about student sponsorship, Proyectofe, and Colegio Bethel.


After dinner, the team reported to the hotel for a time of worship, devotionals, and testimony. Phill lead worship then Sam lead devotionals speaking on waiting on the Lord and trusting Him for strength.

Some of the students have been encouraged by the relationships they are forming with each other and the Colegio Bethel students. Many performers in the bands/orchestra said God worked through them to play their best personal performance they had ever played in their life. It was shared that this band was first one ever to bring such quality music to Santa Clara. We pray these performances  and sermons have planted seeds of spiritual growth and curiosity in the hearts and souls of people in Santa Clara, San Pedro, and Santiago.

Emily Sobek

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