Saturday, April 1, 2017
The ACS team met outside the hotel and walked to the school for breakfast.
After finishing breakfast, the team broke up in different work project groups.
1)Ryan, Keith, William, Mel, Martin & Ray welded the swing set and the slide.
2)Ruth and heather painted the slide. 3)Kacey, Emery, Sam, Lauren, & Mary Kate helped Hermano John transporting rocks, tiles, and sticks from the school to another location.
4)Audrey, Hanna,Raynier, JOSH, Sam, Lavonne, Carlisa, Julie, & Emery sanded the varnish off the ceiling in the new missionary house.
5)Gabby, Cloe, Philip, Julie, Audrey , Carlisa, Anna, & Mary Kate worked on posters with Courtney for the classes.
6)Ruth, Ben, Blake, Dan, Austin, Joel, Jacob, Andrew, Matthew , & Jared taught instruments to the Coligio Bethel students.
Team went to El Delfin for lunch.
We all reported to the school for home visits at 2pm. We broke up to smaller groups and students from Colegio Bethel came to the school to bring us to their homes for a visit and to receive prayer requests.
The marching band practiced the routine Benjamin taught them.
Colegio Bethel leaders joined the team for dinner at El Delfin.
The leaders joined us for devotionals in the yard behind the lake. Jorge spoke to the group about the mountain ministries, VBS, and teaching the Sunday School Teachers. Lusalaina spoke about her mission as a doctor to the Guatemalan people in San Pedro and the surrounding villages.
Phillip led the team in worship. Ethan spoke about being content and shared about how he has learned to be content during this trip. After talking with the students in the junior high class.
Mr V shared that the Guatamalan student Ethan was teaching approached him this week and indicated he had failed his English test in school. The student had a second chance to pass the English test and he would appreciate Ethan’s help.  Ethan worked with the teacher and the student to help his English. The student passed his English test on his second try with Ethan’s help.
Emily Sobek
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