Hola from San Pedro Guatemala.  We are all very thankful for no rainy days.  The sun has been a pleasure to work in.  However, today has been a wee bit warm.  Some of us were working with the kitchen staff and the others were planting blades of grass.  Notice I didn’t say sod or seed.  That’s right, we were planting blades of grass, one at time.  The awesome thing about being here and learning new ways to do things, is that maybe our way is not always “the way”.  Working in the kitchen is SUCH a joy.  They ladies are patient with our language barrier and very encouraging as we chop, wash, cook, and serve.  The hair nets didn’t even slow us down.

We are looking forward to eating tonight with the students and each of the kiddos on the team get the privilege of hosting some of their friends at a table all by themselves.

Overall we have been so blessed.  Our team is close.  We are learning so much about one another.  We are teaching each other as we are all in charge of a daily devotion.  Our leadership is not only a protective layer for us here in a place where many feel foreign, but a great cover of spiritual guidance.  All of us agree that the interaction with the children here at the school is what we are most blessed by.  And that is precious because the “blessing” levels are so very high.  The staff is a blessing every single day.  But, the little faces that smile brightly and offer endless greetings, hugs, and kisses are what make the hard work worth every single moment.  God’s hand here at this school is so very evident.  Praise to Him who has placed the children, leadership, staff and sponsors right where they are to make this school and ministry shine with Gods love

Until next time

Amy and Kory


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